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Last update: August 22, 2017

Up Close and Personal with 2017 Award Winners

Christopher M. Aderman, MD

I am currently a second year fellow at Wills Eye Hospital in Philadelphia. We are fortunate to have a busy clinical and surgical fellowship that also provides us the opportunity to serve as mentors to students and residents and to participate in clinical research.

I have long been interested in the adoption and application of technology to advance research and clinical care. In the lab prior to medical school, I studied confocal microscopy and methods to quantify neovascularization in a mouse retinopathy model. In residency, I led a collaboration with software developers using the Oculus Rift, a virtual reality head-mounted display, to test a treatment for amblyopia in adults and remotely monitor visual parameters. Currently, I’m involved in several projects, including a translational collaboration testing a cell death pathway in retinal detachment and other retinal disorders.

In my spare time, I enjoy being outside and enjoying nature, visiting national parks, traveling, cycling, golfing, and skiing.

Avni P. Finn, MD, MBA

I competed by residency in Ophthalmology at the Massachusetts Eye Infirmary where I was first inspired by my mentors to pursue further training in vitreoretinal surgery. I feel fortunate to be completing my fellowship at Duke, where I continue to hone my clinical acumen in retinal disease, develop my surgical skills in vitreoretinal surgery, and pursue my research interests in this field. While delivering the highest level of medical and surgical patient care is my primary professional goal, I believe we can only improve the care of our patients through continuous work to better understand disease pathogenesis and improve targeted therapies. My research interests include using imaging advances to help further our understanding of retinal disease pathogenesis, innovating on vitreoretinal surgical techniques to improve patient outcomes, and improving the quality of retinal care delivery at the population level by understanding utilization patterns in healthcare.

Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my husband Tom and our families, running, hiking, and finding new restaurants and towns to explore in North Carolina.

Anton M. Kolomeyer, MD, PhD

I am currently a vitreoretinal surgery fellow at the Scheie Eye Institute of the University of Pennsylvania. I feel fortunate to be at a program that is perfectly suited to my strong interests in clinical ophthalmology, patient care, education, and translational research. After fellowship, I aim to join an ophthalmology department or academically inclined practice that focuses on patient care, clinical excellence, and intellectual pursuits.

My current research projects focus on the association of systemic medications with age-related macular degeneration as well as optical coherence tomography angiography imaging of patients with various retinal diseases. I am also a sub-investigator on a number of clinical trials, including subretinal gene therapy trials for patients with retinal degeneration and dystrophy.

Outside of medicine, I enjoy soccer, tennis, racquetball, and ultimate frisbee. Since moving to Philadelphia, I have pursued long distance running and recently completed my first half marathon. My wife and I enjoy traveling, weekend brunches, spending time with family, and playing with our dogs Oscar and Chino.

Akshay S. Thomas, MD, MS

After completion of my fellowship in Vitreoretinal Surgery at Duke, I will be doing additional training in Uveitis at the Casey Eye Institute in Oregon, where I was fortunate to have also done my residency training. After this, I am honored to be joining Tennessee Retina in Nashville where I will be practicing medical/surgical retina and uveitis. I am excited to be joining a group dedicated to clinical research, instrumentation development and surgical innovation.

My research interests are broad; I am currently involved in numerous projects involving the development of clinical trial endpoints in uveitis, multimodal retinal imaging, surgical techniques and instrumentation development. I am very involved in international community outreach. My current focus is towards the development of a sustainable infrastructure to bring consistent vitreoretinal care to nations in the South Pacific.

In our free time, my wife Erin and I enjoy cooking, traveling and spending time with our two hyperactive dogs.

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